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Time Travel to the Late 1960s: 30 Vibrant Kodachrome Photos of New York City by Tod Papageorge

Tod Papageorge, an esteemed American photographer, had an uncanny ability to capture the essence of the late 1960s New York City with his camera. Using Kodachrome film, a medium known for its rich, vibrant colors and exceptional archival longevity, Papageorge immortalized a version of the city that has long since evolved, but still resonates in the hearts of many.

The late 1960s were a time of immense cultural and social change in New York City. From the anti-war and civil rights movements to the rise of counterculture, the city was a melting pot of new ideas, artistic expression, and social revolution. Papageorge’s Kodachrome photos give us a window into this unique moment in history, showcasing the diverse array of people, fashion, and architecture that coexisted in this dynamic urban landscape.

 One of the most striking aspects of Papageorge’s Kodachrome collection is the vivid color palette that brings each image to life. From the bright reds and blues of clothing and storefronts to the warm glow of streetlights, every hue pops with intensity, drawing us deeper into the scenes captured by his lens.

#16 Residents on the rooftop of an apartment building in Brooklyn watching the Twin Towers burn.

#20 Workers watch from Sixth Ave in Soho as the towers collapse

#21 New Yorkers watch the twin towers of the World Trade Center burn from Houston & Thompson Streets.

#22 Crowds on West Broadway view the twin towers of the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11th 2001

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