Memories of a Bygone Era: The Vintage Photos of Jamaica, Queens in the 1960s

The 1960s was a significant time of change and development for the neighborhood of Jamaica, Queens, New York City. Demographically, Jamaica, Queens in the 1960s was a largely African American and working-class neighborhood. The African American population increased significantly in the 1950s and 1960s as a result of the “Great Migration” of African Americans from the South to the North. There were also a significant number of immigrants from the Caribbean, particularly from Jamaica, who settled in the neighborhood and contributed to its cultural diversity.

Jamaica was a bustling commercial center in the 1960s, with many small businesses and shops lining the streets. The neighborhood was known for its lively music scene and nightlife, with several jazz and R&B clubs, and a thriving Caribbean music scene.

The 1960s was a decade of urban renewal and redevelopment in many American cities, and Jamaica was no exception. During this time, many of the older buildings and homes in the neighborhood were demolished to make way for new housing projects, highways, and public transportation.

The construction of the JFK airport and the Van Wyck Expressway had a significant impact on Jamaica in the 1960s, both in terms of development but also in terms of displacement of residents and businesses.

The neighborhood was also affected by the social and political turmoil of the 1960s. The Civil Rights Movement, the rise of Black nationalism and the anti-war movement all had an impact on the community. Jamaica was also the site of several race riots during the 1960s, reflecting the growing racial tension and discrimination in the area.

#14 Street near the Long Island R.R. station in Jamaica

#18 Track crews work with shovels to clear snow from switches and third rails near the Jamaica, New York station of the Long Island Rail Road in on February 11, 1969.

#19 Passengers crowd customs area of JFK Airport in 1968

#20 Exterior shot of the Kew Motor Inn at 80-05 Grand Central Parkway in Jamaica, Queens, New York, on April 12, 1966.

#21 The exterior of the original Roman Catholic chapel (Our Lady of the Skies), built at Kennedy Airport in Jamaica, New York in 1955, as seen on September 14, 1965.

The Exterior Of The Original Roman Catholic Chapel (Our Lady Of The Skies), Built At Kennedy Airport In Jamaica, New York In 1955, As Seen On September 14, 1965.

The chapel is being replaced with a new one built on the lagoon at the airport.

#22 Construction of Roman Catholic chapel at JFK Airport in 1965

#23 Two nuns kneel in prayer in the existing Roman Catholic Church (Our Lady of the Skies) at Kennedy Airport in Jamaica, 1965

#24 Searching for bodies and wreckage after American Airlines Plane crashed into Jamaica Bay with no survivors.

#25 American comedian and actor Jerry Lewis plays trumpet wth the St. Catherine of Sienna Queensmen band, in front of Alden Theater, Jamaica, 1961

#26 An archway frames tourists who are getting a preview of the new Trans World Airlines building that is under construction at Idlewild Airport (later JFK Airport) in Jamaica, New York on April 20, 1961.

#27 The New York International building at Idlewild Airport in Jamaica, New York as seen on February 14, 1960.

#28 Rene Perrot tapestries at Idelwild Airport in 1960.

#29 Roman Catholic chapel “Our Lady of the Skies” frames the control tower at Kennedy Airport in Jamaica, New York on July 5, 1968.

Roman Catholic Chapel &Amp;Quot;Our Lady Of The Skies&Amp;Quot; Frames The Control Tower At Kennedy Airport In Jamaica, New York On July 5, 1968.

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